“Bathed in a dusty golden palette and fuelled by the fragility of human memory, [Edén] is a
gentle but powerful meditation on loss and belonging.”
– Peter Machen, Aesthetica

“Beautifully shot and honest. … Edén is a radiant piece of cinema.”
– Sarah Woods, Superlux

“A moving, poetic, and deeply personal film.”
– Michael Traynor

“DuRant effectively uses ambient sound and a limited palette of browns, blues and pale yellows
to create a hallucinatory, menacing atmosphere. (…) I look forward to what she does next.”
– Torene Svitil, Indiewire

“Nothing has prepared me for sitting down to watch Edén, a quiet, confident, and startlingly
original first feature from Elise DuRant.”
– Robert Arellano

“I’m overwhelmed by the film, completely. I don’t know if tears come because of the beauty of
the story or to see a master filmmaker’s first work. Both, I expect.”
– Ralph McKay, International Film Festival Rotterdam Programme Advisor

“Elise DuRant – 10 Mexican Filmmakers to Watch”
– Jennifer Wood, Complex

“Edén è una pellicola davvero onesta, capace di sviscerare una sensibilità cui pochi hanno il
coraggio di accedere”
– Maurizio Marras and Francesco Cazzin, L’Emergere del Possibile