“Bathed in a dusty golden palette and fuelled by the fragility of human memory, [Edén] is a
gentle but powerful meditation on loss and belonging.”
Peter Machen, Aesthetica

“Beautifully shot and honest. … Edén is a radiant piece of cinema.”
Sarah Woods, Superlux

“A moving, poetic, and deeply personal film.”
Michael Traynor

“DuRant effectively uses ambient sound and a limited palette of browns, blues and pale yellows
to create a hallucinatory, menacing atmosphere. (…) I look forward to what she does next.”
Torene Svitil, Indiewire

“Nothing has prepared me for sitting down to watch Edén, a quiet, confident, and startlingly
original first feature from Elise DuRant.”
– Robert Arellano

“I’m overwhelmed by the film, completely. I don’t know if tears come because of the beauty of
the story or to see a master filmmaker’s first work. Both, I expect.”
– Ralph McKay, International Film Festival Rotterdam Programme Advisor

“Elise DuRant – 10 Mexican Filmmakers to Watch”
Jennifer Wood, Complex

“I love a film that keeps you asking questions long after you’ve seen it, like the best literature,
which is layered and textured and at the same time carries archetypal themes, so it’s your story
too. It’s everyone’s story, the journey to reclaim lost parts of ourselves. This is Elise DuRant’s
– Raechel Bratnick

“Edén è una pellicola davvero onesta, capace di sviscerare una sensibilità cui pochi hanno il
coraggio di accedere”
Maurizio Marras and Francesco Cazzin, L’Emergere del Possibile